Go Reboot

Introducing the opportunities and routes into the technology sector.

Go Reboot Programme


Go Reboot is an introduction to the technology sector in the North East, giving insight into the lifestyle of the sector, the landscape of the job vacancies, introductions to regional tech businesses, and the routes into starting your career in the sector.

Supporting over 50 people and counting into careers or back into education, Go Reboot is suitable for all ages and skill levels, with an interest for technology being the only requirement. We have long standing relationships with technology and non traditional technology businesses that use technology to support their business, these range from Small to Medium Enterprise (SME’s) including Zero Light, Atom Bank, to large corporates such as Sage, Barclays & Nissan and will draw on these relationships to develop a programme that fits the needs of the sector.

Go Reboot Key Learning Areas

Key Focus Areas


The purpose of the programme is to take people from any educational or employment background and help them onto a pathway into a career within the digital and tech sector.

Sunderland Software City will deliver a programme engaging with people from all backgrounds. Previous courses have proved successful with 35% of learners directly moving onto Apprenticeships, Traineeships opportunities work and college courses. The programme not only supports learners to take steps to enter the Tech industry, but also helps to build confidence, provides routine and encourage social interaction.

The programme is designed to be delivered in any location, however SSC will endeavour to secure sector specific locations for example the Digital Catapult who have several sites located across the country or Barclays Rise Buildings again with serval sites in multi city locations.

The Go Reboot programme is designed to give people from all backgrounds an overview of different companies, careers and training opportunities within the technology sector as well as other sectors with a digital element.

During the programme, participants are introduced to local technology companies or companies that use technology , job roles, employment and training routes, and are supported by Sunderland Software City to take the next steps into further education or jobs.

Go Reboot is not just about exposing people to career and training opportunities in the technology sector but also raising their confidence about their abilities and suitability for the sector. The programme has proved that after just a small amount of exposure to the sector young people who had previously been unemployed and not in education are enthusiastically pursuing new opportunities and gateways into long-term and lucrative employment.

To date 100% of young people who have attended the programme have decided to choose digital tech as a career option and are taking the next
steps with the support of Sunderland Software City.


Progression Chart


Peter Lubiana 27, Oslo, Norway

Peter Light 29, South Shields

“I’ve had previous jobs in customer service but I wanted a job I was passionate about. I’ve always had an interest in technology and the Go Re-Boot course has opened my eyes to opportunities I didn’t think existed in the sector in the region. The course has given me the opportunity to access a career I genuinely want to progress in and has inspired me to explore different training routes.”

2 weeks later: “I have been accepted to do the Traineeship with Geek Talent, thanks you so much for introducing me to this opportunity” Peter now works at Geek Talent full time as a permanent member of the team.

Jay Green 19, Whitburn, South Tyneside

“After completing my college course I realised that University wasn’t the route I wanted to take, so I assumed I had to give up on my career goals. Go Re-Boot has helped me realise that there are other opportunities to get me on the right career path such as apprenticeships and traineeships and that most employers in the sector are looking for the right attitude rather than university qualifications. The course has certainly made me feel more confident about the future and I’ve signed up for Creative Digital Media training which I am excited about starting.”

2 weeks later: “ I got the job, thank you for everything, I would never have known about the Capital4training job if it wasn’t for the Go-Reboot programme”

Stuart Miller 22, Boldon, South Tyneside

“Go Re-Boot has opened my eyes to the number of technology companies and job opportunities there are in the North East and the different training options there are that will lead to employment. It is inspiring to know that there are companies out there looking for people like me with a passion for technology
and that getting a job in tech isn’t as difficult as I had thought.”

Gren Irving, South Tyneside Council

“It was great to meet the guys on the programme – I spoke to them all and the feedback from every one of them was excellent, in some cases the time spent and insight gained over the past week will completely change their direction in life ! In my opinion, an excellent result all round”

Joe Young 19, South Shields

“I’ve actually just heard back from the college and my first interview is on the 4th of April, so looking forward to that”

Jade Palfreyman, Capital4Training

“Thanks to the Go-Reboot programme I have found the latest addition to my small team of creative apprentices at Capital4Training. I met Jay at my first session with the programme, where he was keen to listen to what I had to offer, asked the right questions and presented himself in a very professional manner. Having attended two sessions already I can see that this programme is highly beneficial to potential job seekers, training providers and employers. With a pool of candidates eager to listen and get involved with discussion about their future prospects. I feel that is an excellent way to recruit passionate people who really have a thirst to enhance their careers in the creative industries of the North East.”

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