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Application Closing Date: 31/05/2017

Senior Developer

Job description

Specifically, we’re hiring for an experienced senior full-stack NodeJS developer.

You’ll be joining a highly talented team of developers and designers with whom you’ll collaborate to produce exceptional work for nice clients.


To thrive in this role, you’ll have:

  • 3-4 years of demonstrable experience and a thorough understanding of NodeJS, Express or Restify, ES6 and ES5 JavaScript. (minimum)
  • A strong, security conscious understanding of MongoDB and query building experience.
  • A thorough understanding of working with sockets, SocketIO and Pub/Sub communication channels.
  • Experience of working with queueing systems such as RabbitMQ / AMQP.
  • Experience of working with Redis and messaging systems.
  • A thorough understanding of robust, redundant and scalable NodeJS server infrastructure setup and configuration, mail setup and secure redundant systems architecture.
  • Experience of working with AWS systems, including Route 53, EC2, Elastic Load Balancers, CloudWatch, Redis/Elasticache, IAM profiles etc.
  • Experience of provisioning HAProxy as a load balancing system with understanding of sticky sessions and how to load balance socket-based communications.
  • Experience of build and test pipelines with systems such as Jenkins and Codeship.
  • A thorough understanding of responsive design and development.
  • A thorough understanding of HTML5 and SASS.
  • A thorough knowledge and demonstrable experience of testing and QA processes.
  • A working understanding of JavaScript frameworks. E.g. Angular, React etc.
  • Knowledge of user-experience best practices across the web and mobile.
  • Knowledge of user interaction and accessibility best practises across the web and mobile.
  • A working knowledge of GIT deployment processes.


To excel in this role, you’ll have:

  • Experience of infrastructure as code-based approaches, especially using Terraform or Amazon CloudFormation.
  • Experience of working with Azure.
  • Experience of security and penetration testing, such as using OWASP Zap.
  • A thorough understanding of PHP development on the LAMP / LEMP stacks.
  • A thorough understanding of Objective C / Swift development.
  • A working understanding of MySQL and query building experience.
  • A working understanding of Elixir.
  • Experience of WordPress plugin and theme development.
  • Experience of Laravel / Lumen development.
  • Demonstrable experience in building to accepted SEO best practices.
  • Knowledge of front-end frameworks. E.g. Bootstrap, Foundation etc…


In your role, you’d be responsible for:

  • The development and maintenance of cutting edge high-availability, real-time distributed NodeJS systems for a number of clients.
  • Building delightful and engaging user experiences tailored to a range of devices.
  • Creating products so good people want to use them.
  • Keeping up-to-date with the latest tools, technologies and approaches.
  • Providing quality feedback to peers in the design and development team.
  • Challenging and never settling for a ‘good-enough’ mindset.
  • Assisting in knowledge transfer.
  • Having a high tolerance for memes and GIFs in Slack.


For your time and effort, you’ll get:

  • £28,000 – £33,000 starting salary. (DoE.)
  • 25 days holiday p/a. (Plus public holidays.)
  • Employee pension plan.
  • 27″ 5K iMac + 27″ 4K Dell monitor.
  • Access to hardware, software and services.
  • We’ll pick up the tab for a team lunch every Friday.
  • Unlimited fresh-ground coffee and a selection of continental tea.
  • The finest Scandinavian furnishings. IKEA counts right?
  • Central Newcastle location. (Around the corner from Newcastle Central Station.)

To apply please email careers@komododigital.co.uk or apply online 

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