Job Opportunity – CEO

Role and Responsibilities

· Determine the direction of a business by working with upper management and leading team members to create and implement strategies and goals

·         Writing of funding proposals for both grant and VC backed organisations.

· Communicate the company’s vision and ensure it becomes reality

· Consult with investors and outside organisations to ensure the company develops in the right direction

· Keeps up with current trends in the industry and modern business practices by reading periodicals and consulting with peers

· Reviewing reports, making presentations to investors and the board of directors, and examining how the company can cut expenses and increase revenue


Qualifications and Education Requirements


BSc/MSc in Computer Science/Physics/Statistic/Mathematics/Finance/Economics(First/2:1)

Preferred Skills

Extensive Knowledge of FinTech Industry, Strong Written Communication, Strong Verbal Communication, Organisation Skills, Prioritising, Balance, Multitasking, Decisiveness, Persuasion, Flexibility, Open Schedule, Leadership Skills, Listening Skills, Business Acumen

Additional Notes

ATS is a startup company seeking to recruit C-Suite staff with extensive experience of company management in the FinTech sector specifically.  The successful candidate will have a proven track record of obtaining VC/grant funding and successful day today management of an SME.


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