Partner programmer wanted initially for a Wellbeing APP development.


This is to be followed later with a web base, database development, gaming and specialist systems to enhance ability. The online wellbeing business was developed with university and field led research.


The Initial Development – is for a partnership in a Mobile App for individual wellbeing development. Later this is to be expanded to develop a web base, data storage, cross-platform usage with gaming and specialist options for individual ability, family and/or organisational use. Anonymised data should be accessible for research and to direct funding to alleviate issues identified.

Problem Summary – The population is seeing the largest increase in mental health issues across all demographic ages. Wellbeing development needs simplifying so people can take ownership and gain understanding of the complexity of their interactions, the cause and effect to themselves and the wider community. Many people lack confidence, self-awareness or are trapped in a cycle of repetition.

Wellbeing for Life – is for use by all to support improved understanding and development of individual and organisational wellbeing. It promotes independence, confidence and awareness. It aids individuals to move on in their life and ask for help where necessary. It identifies routes for change using a variety of motivational and calming tools, along with specialist use of language and psychological practices to enhance tipping points for wellbeing ideas. It encourages connectivity with others, self-awareness, supportive practice, improving organisational and personal wellbeing.


Wellbeing for Life should be developed with the following AIMS in mind:


  • To improve wellbeing of individuals and organisations through understanding of the BIG PICTURE including cause and effect of interactions.
  • To use set psychological practices and language to create change patterns.
  • To tackle the mental health crisis.
  • To be an integrated system, where people and organisations can develop their wellbeing and share connected actions.
  • To provide a multi-platform system using APPs, web base, gaming and specialist systems to support ability.
  • To share anonymised data with special stakeholders to enhance research, wellbeing practice and the direction of funding.


A high level functional specification is available upon request if you wish to find out more information please contact (Karen)