Case study
September 28, 2023
Alicia Gerez

Larni Irving

Careers in tech

Lani, a former freelance artist and hospitality worker, found her path to tech through Tech Talent Ready's support, which included a transformative work experience at Opencast, culminating in her successful transition to a full-time tech position.

Lani found her road to tech when she experienced health concerns and a yearning for more human interaction that led her to search for new opportunities. She wanted a career that challenged her and allowed her to work alongside others. Tech, as it turned out, was the answer.

The Support

After an intensive course in coding, Lani embarked on a two-week journey with our Tech Talent Ready programme. A unique opportunity where she got to dive into the inner workings of Opencast, a tech consultancy. Here she connected with the people and technical teams; "The work experience placement gave me an insight into how tech consultancy works, and the chance to speak to people from a variety of roles and take part in some fun and interesting workshops."

Opencast also benefited from Lani's presence during the bootcamp. The program encouraged employees to connect with participants through practical sessions and workshops. David Sarginson, Head of Software Development at Opencast, reflected on their collaboration:

"It was a pleasure to share knowledge and experience with Lani. They were present, listened, and offered insightful and considered questions and challenges which helped me grow from the experience."

As the work experience came to an end, the Tech Talent Ready team continued to support Lani. They helped her secure a live interview for a position at Version 1, which ultimately proved successful. Today, Lani is a full-time employee in the company.

Lani summed up her journey:

"When I contacted Debbie to apply for the placement, she made me aware of an opportunity for an entry-level role with another consultancy—which I applied for and was successful. The work experience helped me understand what to expect in this sort of role and gave me plenty to talk about in my interviews too!"