Coconut Lizard adds seasoned Unreal Engine devs

Coconut Lizard, the new studio from Robert Troughton, former General Manager of Epic Games UK and Managing Director of Pitbull Studio, just made two key hires, picking up Terence Burns and Joe Tidmarsh as Senior Programmers.

“I’ve worked with Terry and Joe for many years now. Both joined Pitbull Studio in the early days, working on Unreal Engine and associated projects, then becoming part of the Epic Games team following our acquisition. They were very important to that transition happening and, so, it’s of course a fantastic win for Coconut Lizard that they’ve joined the team here,” said Troughton.

Coconut Lizard are currently working with US-based Boss Key Productions to help improve their new AAA game, Law Breakers, made with Epic’s Unreal Engine 4.

“By choosing the very best developers to join us at Coconut Lizard, we really are creating a dream team that can be deployed to a project to help bring it to market in a fantastically polished state – with smooth framerates, consistent stability and more.”

Troughton’s record at Pitbull Studio was impressive, growing that team from an initial 5 people to nearly 45 highly experienced employees when it was sold to Epic Games. If that success can be repeated at Coconut Lizard then this could definitely be a studio to watch.