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General Info

Information on Apprenticeships
Information on Sectors and Careers in Science
Sectors in Technology

Mock Interview Questions
Mock Interview Questions
Sectors in Engineering

Universities and Apprenticeships Sheet

STEM Sheets

Skills needed for science careers
Science in the North East
Technology in the North East

Skills needed for technology careers
Engineering in the north east
Skills needed for engineering careers

Skills needed for maths careers
Astronomy Factsheet
Maths in the North East

Heart Health
The Human Heart Factsheet

Career Spotlights

Science career highlight – Oceanographer
Science career spotlight – Biomedical scientist
Science career spotlight – Physicist

Science career spotlight – Forensic Scientist
Technology career spotlight – Web Developer
Technology career spotlight – Technical Architect

Technology career spotlight – UX Designer

Technology career spotlight – Software Developer
Technology career spotlight – Game Designer

Engineering career spotlight – Design Engineer

Engineering career spotlight – Chemical Engineer
Engineering career spotlight – Systems Engineer

Engineering career spotlight – Quality Engineer

Science career spotlight – Meteorologist
Science career spotlight – Biomed Engineer

Maths career spotlight – Charted Accountant

Maths career spotlight – Charted Accountant
Maths career spotlight – Financial Trader

Careers in Astronomy

Presentation Slides

Digital Skills Month 2021 Slides
World Heart Day Overview

Career School Worksheets

Career Worksheet 1
Space Week Wordsearch
Career Worksheet 2

The Human Heart
Space Week Wordsearch
Pulse Rate Activity