Join in with the organic clothing e-commerce brand, Joined in Life

A Sunderland eco-friendly clothing brand is giving consumers the chance to look good while they do good.

Joined in Life, based at Sunderland Software Centre, produces eco-friendly, ethically-sourced clothing, designed to help protect the planet along with every sale, which helps the people living on it.

With the support of Sunderland City Council, Joined in Life is increasing its product range and expanding its output, all whilst raising awareness for environmentally sustainable clothing.

Jane Wimpenny, 26, founder of Joined in Life, began working on the clothing brand after graduating from the University of Sunderland.

Jane said: “I began to realise there was a real opportunity in the world of organic clothing. While it is beginning to take root in the US and in London, there are very few organic clothing brands in our region and this was the main reason I decided to create Joined in Life.

“We produce eco-friendly t-shirts and are currently expanding into tote bags, scarves and accessories. We use organic cotton and recycled materials, and use either water-based inks or organic threads to embroider designs and logos onto the products.”

“All of our packaging is also made from recycled materials.” Jane added: “From start to finish, I work very hard to ensure that every stage of the process is completed in an environmentally friendly way, meaning it is not contributing to the pollution of our atmosphere.”

Modelling Joined In Life clothing

Yet, Joined in Life is a clothing brand that goes beyond environmental protection. As well as raising awareness for eco-friendly clothing, it also works in conjunction with the charity Mary’s Meals to provide meals in some of the world’s poorest countries.

Joined in Life donates 10% of every sale directly to Mary’s Meals, a charity which works to provide school meals and education to children in developing countries.

Jane explains: “As well as helping the earth, with organic and environmentally friendly clothing, I was also keen to help people, and so I began to look for a charity that was in keeping with the brand. I chose to work with Mary’s Meals because it spoke to me personally, and to my business ethics.

“I’m proud that 10% of every Joined in Life purchase goes to Mary’s Meals, and 93p of every pound donated goes directly to helping the children. It costs as little as 7p to feed one child one meal, and so it’s great to know that partnership with the charity is having a direct and positive impact on children in developing countries.”

Support from Sunderland City Council has enabled Jane to establish her business in Sunderland Software Centre and provide a solid foundation for future expansion.

Jane said: “Earlier this year, I was keen to get myself set up in my own office space and the council helped every step of the way, from suggesting office locations, to helping with the furniture.

“My work with the council has proved to be a really great decision, and I’m glad to have their support now that I’m looking towards further expansion. I’m in the process of adding more products to the Joined in Life line, starting with tote bags, and am hoping to add to the team, with employees and apprentices, in the near future.”

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