Lucrative new partnership for Sunderland web firm

A Sunderland based company offering a unique pay monthly search engine optimisation service is celebrating a new partnership with one of the UKs leading e-commerce website providers.

4th Apsect, based at the Evolve Business Centre in Rainton Bridge, offer an alternative to traditional, costly long term SEO packages which help website owners improve their rankings in search engine results, such as Google or Yahoo search.

Now, after being introduced through mutual networks, 4th Aspect has partnered with Leeds-based low-cost e-commerce website provider Shopcreator to offer new and existing clients an affordable, pay monthly website and SEO package to help them increase sales and grow their online business.

Claire Glynn, Director of 4th Aspect said: “Traditional SEO services tend to be expensive, long term contracts which many small business owners can’t afford.

“As a result their website suffers because they aren’t able to optimise it to rank highly in search engine results, meaning they don’t get as many visitors, which is critical if you are running an online shop.

“Our 4th Aspect Lite package is tailored towards website owners offering them a monthly, flexible, low cost SEO package that helps to boost their search engine rankings and manage their website intelligence, such as visitor numbers.”

“After meeting Shopcreator it was immediately obvious that we had compatible and complimentary services that when offered together, provided a complete, easy to use website package that was affordable and effective.”

Shopcreator is currently used by over 700 businesses to manage their online shops, ranging from national brands such as BHS and Claridges to farm shops and children’s clothing retailers.

The partnership between the Shopcreator and 4th Aspect launched just two months after the companies were introduced, with the 4th Aspect Lite product being offered to Shopcreators new and existing customers from the beginning of February.

Shopcraetor CEO Alex Coghlen said: “We are delighted to be working in partnership with 4th Aspect to offer our customers a low-cost and flexible way to manage their websites SEO and analytics.

“Business owners come to us because they needed a manageable, low-cost e-commerce website with flexible terms that fits in with the business’ needs.

“We have always advised our customers to consider SEO packages to help boost their rankings and manage their website intelligence but in the past the packages on offer were expensive, lengthy contracts which many clients just couldn’t afford or maintain. As a result their websites and their sales potential suffered.

“For years it was thought that SEO was a very specific skill that only highly trained consultants could carry out, 4th Aspect allows anyone to be introduced to the world of SEO, empowering people to carry out their own website intelligence and build and maintain effective online stores.”

The partnership is the first arrangement 4th Aspect have undertaken with another company, and it is hoped it will lead to 4th Aspect broadening their client base further.

The company, which was founded in 2010 by husband and wife team Claire and David Glynn is celebrating a successful start to 2013, winning two awards in the Innovation and ICT categories at the North East Business Awards and securing angel & VC investment worth a quarter of a million pounds to date to help further develop and launch the product nationwide.

The company, which currently employs four members of staff, is also recruiting three new members of its team including a senior sales executive, sales and support staff to help 4th Aspect grow its turnover to an expected £5m as they expand into the global market.

For more information about 4th Aspect please visit the website at