National Technology Event Comes to the North-East for the First Time

This summer the Drupal North East User Group will host the region’s first ever DrupalCamp.

Digital business leaders, website and application developers, creatives and innovators from all over the UK and beyond will be in Sunderland and Newcastle for three days of activities from 25-27th July.

Following on from successful DrupalCamp Events as far afield as South Carolina, Austin Texas, Singapore and Manchester, DrupalCamp North East features 27 speakers, a business day and a code sprint as well as social events to showcase the thriving software, creative and tech industries in North East.

Drupal is a free, open-source web development platform that powers over a million of the busiest sites on the web, including,, Stanford University, Unesco and

Drupal is a tool making tool. It’s flexibility has blurred the line between web sites and back office applications, helping businesses move more of their systems into the cloud and create web and mobile systems to manage commerce, customer service, online community building and much, much more.

This summer marks an important time for Drupal with the release of Drupal 8, making it even easier to build integrated tools to engage customers and stakeholders and improve the way organisations operate.

‘Driving forward business innovation’

David Dunn, Chief Executive of Sunderland Software City, the initiative driving the growth of the software industry in the North East said: “Sunderland Software City is pleased to sponsor DrupalCamp North East. Events like this provide a great opportunity for software developers in the region to learn and share best practice with developers around the world as well as driving forward business innovation and helping to put the region on the global map for software development..

“DrupalCamp North East is an excellent opportunity to learn about one of the most innovative and increasingly popular web platforms in the world and develop skills which will prove invaluable to individuals and the overall prosperity of software in the North East.”

‘Come for the software, stay for the community’

Adam Hill is Operations Director at local Drupal experts Consult and Design has been part of the management committee of the International DrupalCon events in Europe and the USA. A founder member of the Drupal North East user group who are hosting this summer’s event, Adam points out that:

“Drupal would simply not exist without its community. The Drupal platform is built, used, and supported by an active and diverse community of people around the world through the open source movement.

“It is about the open sharing of resources, knowledge and skills among the community in order to aid the development of secure and reliable systems. This way, clients benefit from the input of Drupal developers around the world, rather than just relying on the resources and skills of your own people.

“Because of this, Drupal is increasingly in demand from all sectors, from public sector, major international organisations down to local SMEs keen to get the most out of their website.

“Demand for Drupal developers currently outstrips supply. We see developing Drupal skills in the North East as not only an opportunity to open up new career opportunities for developers and designers, but also a way to expand and develop the existing network of Drupal users in the region.

“This will result in North East companies and organisations further benefiting from the expertise and knowledge of others to create better value, truly unique websites with people all over the world inputting their knowledge and experience into their web solutions.”

Low cost conference tickets

Tickets for the conference on the 26th-27th July are now on sale at a subsidised price of just £35 for the two days including full access to the event and lunch on both days.

Free access to business day event

The business day on the 25th July will bring together businesses, voluntary organisations, public sector and digital agencies interested in Drupal and open source with a focus on improving online engagement and transaction using open source. Tickets for the business day on the 25th July are free.

For more information and to register for the DrupalCamp North East business day or the conference itself visit