Things Connected North East

‘’Things Connected is an initiative that supports UK businesses who are using LPWAN technologies. It offers an open network for the experimenting with and prototyping of new IoT products and services that can benefit from the unique features of LoRaWAN and SigFox.’’


Here at Software City, we manage the regional hub for the LPWAN Things Connected programme. We’re passionate about encouraging the exploration, adoption and application of new, cutting edge technologies and are pleased to support this nationwide initiative by brining LoRa WAN technologies to the North East!

Things Connected is a nationwide innovation programme developed by the Digital Catapult to support the adoption of Internet of Things (IoT) technology by small, innovative businesses. The programme provides access to industry mentors, academic and commercial expertise to support the development and delivery of new products as well as access to the Things Connected network.

Designed to support start ups and scale ups, the Things Connected programme has been rolled out across four key locations in the UK. Northern Ireland, Bournemouth, London and the North East all act as hubs for innovation and development in line with the wider programme.

At Sunderland Software City, in partnership with the Digital Catapult NETV, we are pleased to deliver and manage the North East Things Connected test bed, rolling out LPWAN base stations, offering education and knowledge share events as well as supporting larger organisations to address the potential of IoT technology in their businesses and to support the provision of solutions by engaging with local SME’s.

To date, the Things Connected programme in the North East has supported large organisations such as Nexus, Northumberland National Park and Livin to explore the possibilities of IoT, as well as engaging a wide range of local SME’s with the project, enabling them to apply their knowledge and products to real life business challenges.

So far, the Things Connected project has deployed 145 LPWAN base station, secured the highest base station in the world (on top of the BT tower in Central London!) and has over 1,100 members with over 2,500 square miles of coverage. Over 50 businesses have graduated though the programmes across the country, and Things Connected shows no signs of slowing down!

If you would like to learn more about the Things Connected programme, visit the Things Connected website here