Case study
June 7, 2024

Isaac Patrickson

Careers in tech

With aspirations to pursue a career as a Software Developer, Isaac had one obstacle in his way – his limited experience in the industry.

After seeing the Skills Bootcamp in Digital advertised with Mediaworks and Tech Talent Ready, he was eager to forge connections in this sector and saw this as an opportunity to immerse himself in a professional environment.

Mediaworks, a long-standing digital agency, have a reputation in the North East of England and he knew this would be a great opportunity to showcase his skills.

Keen to explore this sector further, he enrolled on the bootcamp and believes anyone early in their career should do the same.

Why did you sign up for the bootcamp with Tech Talent Ready?

“I signed up for the programme hoping to discover what it would be like working in a modern office environment. Despite my long-term goal of being a Software Developer, I signed up for the Digital Marketing experience to gather a taste of what another career path might look like.

“I also aimed to make connections with people relevant to my desired career path.”

How did you find the Skills Bootcamp in Digital?

“My prior experiences with the tech industry were brief and were a long time ago, but I persevered and strived to make a good first impression. Meeting the other participants I soon realised they were a lot like me. We all came from different backgrounds and age brackets, but we were relatively new to the digital marketing scene. After a successful team bonding exercise, I felt comfortable being in a new space with new people.

“Throughout the two weeks, we talked with half a dozen Mediaworks employees who gave insight into their role in the business. Research, videography, and tips on how to deliver a marketing pitch were just some of the topics discussed by these employees.

“After gathering information from numerous presentations and Q&As, we were split into groups and tasked with applying this knowledge by delivering a mock pitch to a panel of judges.

“My partner and I chose to assess the marketing strategies of the camera company Nikon and based on research on both Nikon and its competitors, suggest new marketing strategies and technologies. Although we were being marked by judges, it was a very positive and relaxed environment.”

What did you gain from completing the bootcamp?

“The bootcamp has helped me develop my communication and leadership skills. The marketing project my partner and I had to deliver brought me out of my comfort zone as I had never delivered a presentation outside of school. Staff offered help every step of the way which was especially useful during the presentation prep.

“I learned some key concepts of digital marketing and discovered the diverse set of job roles that the sector offers. Web design and SEO are areas where marketing and development overlap and could potentially provide a gateway for aspiring developers.”

You received a job offer at Mediaworks – how was this experience?

“I started my Web Developer Apprenticeship in September of 2023, and it has been a vastly positive experience.

“Despite my limited knowledge in web development, the team provided me with resources to get me started and gave insight on a few tricks of the trade. Each month I am being involved in more projects and am given the opportunities to apply my newfound knowledge.

“The plan for this year is to improve my PHP programming knowledge and work on website components on a few projects.”

Would you recommend Tech Talent Ready to others?

“I think Tech Talent Ready is useful for those who are still deciding what area in tech they would like to specialise in. It’s a great way to make connections even if you think the industry you’ve applied for might not be of interest.

“Tech Talent Ready helped me understand how interesting digital marketing can be and connected me with my current role. While companies find work experience quite valuable, I also believe it can be useful for aspiring talent.

“It can ignite your passion for an unfamiliar area or connect you with people who are masters at their role. Overall, I highly recommend it.”

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