Case study
December 12, 2023
Alicia Gerez

Michael Thorpe

Careers in tech

Michael Thorpe's unconventional career journey took a tech-focused turn in early 2023, with the help of Tech Talent Ready.

At the beginning of 2023, Michael found himself unemployed, which, for most people, would have been a challenging situation. However, he saw this as an opportunity to explore new industries and chart a different course for his future.  

His journey into the world of technology began when he attended a job fair at the Hope Street Exchange in Sunderland, where Michael had a chance encounter with Mark Gardner, who introduced him to the exciting world of tech careers. Mark's insights and connections led Michael to explore Sunderland Software City's bootcamps and courses which opened doors to the tech industry. He recognized that technology was a rapidly growing field with a multitude of career paths.

Our support

The Land Digital Bootcamp:

Michael's journey into the tech sector took a significant step when he participated in the Land Digital bootcamp. This program was instrumental in his transition into the North East tech scene. the bootcamp allowed Michael to follow the entire life cycle of a product, from ideation and development to marketing and launch. What stood out for Michael was the realization that a tech career didn't require him to be an expert programmer. The program expanded his awareness of the diverse roles available within the tech industry.

"The Land Digital bootcamp was an eye-opener. It showed me that you don't need to be a coding expert to succeed in tech. It's a vast field with opportunities for everyone."

The Opencast Bootcamp:

Continuing his quest for knowledge and skills, Michael also enrolled in the Opencast bootcamp. This program provided him with further insights into the tech industry, particularly in the realm of government contracts and web development. The experience gained from Opencast added depth to Michael's understanding of the tech landscape.

"The Opencast bootcamp expanded my horizons in the tech industry. It gave me a unique perspective on government contracts and web development, opening doors I never knew existed."  

In June 2023 Michael found a full-time job here at Sunderland Software City as Compliance Administrator "I enjoy my current role, overseeing various programs and gaining a comprehensive understanding of the industry. Looking ahead, I aspire to work on projects that not only benefit my community but extend their impact beyond, utilising the tech skills and valuable contacts I've acquired."

Michael's path into tech is a reminder that career paths are rarely linear. With the right mindset, support, and a willingness to explore new opportunities, individuals like Michael can find success and fulfilment in unexpected places. His journey into tech exemplifies the boundless possibilities that await those who dare to embrace change.