Case study
October 24, 2023
Megan Jaram

Milcah Yusuf

Careers in tech

Graduating from the University of Sunderland in July, Milcah Yusuf has achieved a lot in this short space of time and her story is a reminder of the determination needed to succeed.

Back in February, Milcah was browsing social media and came across the Tech Talent Ready Digital Skills bootcamp with Land Digital. It piqued an interest and, although juggling a lot with her master's degree, she was interested in the prospect of an interview at the end of the bootcamp.

“I was attracted to this programme for its well-rounded coverage, hands-on training and in-person format even though it was just a 2 weeks programme. The prospect of an interview at the end offered a tangible career opportunity.”

Land Digital Bootcamp

Delivered in partnership with Sunderland Software City, the Land Digital bootcamp offers individuals the opportunity to kick start their careers in digital. The 2-week work experience allows a group to follow the cycle of a product, including the ideation, development, marketing, and launch.

As someone who was relatively new to the tech sector, this bootcamp was a great first step into the world of digital careers, giving Milcah the confidence to pursue this career pathway.

“The programme has significantly boosted my digital skills. The in-person format enabled valuable networking, and the end-of-course interview opened potential career paths. It also helped me connect with the local tech community.
“Overall, it's been a high-impact, low-risk investment in my professional growth.”

Long term skills

Completing the bootcamp has given Milcah invaluable long-term skills but, most importantly, given her added confidence.

Over the course of two weeks, she learned a lot about ideation, branding, design, and visual development.

“I enjoyed the presentation sessions at the end of the two weeks, it was very interesting to see the many different concepts the participants presented.”

Getting a job at Sunderland Software City

After graduating from the University of Sunderland in July, Milcah saw a new job opening for a position as a Finance assistant at Sunderland Software City in August.

Using the skills she learned in the bootcamp, she was able to display the confidence and skills needed to secure the role.

As a result, Milcah had no qualms about recommending this bootcamp course to others who are looking to get started in the tech landscape and potentially secure employment.

Milcah's journey stands as evidence of the comprehensive bootcamp provided by Land Digital, enabling individuals, regardless of their prior experience, to delve into the realm of digital technology.

If you’re looking for a work experience bootcamp in the North East, then keep an eye out for any upcoming opportunities on Tech Talent Ready here.