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January 31, 2024
Jessica Sawyers

Sunderland Digital Careers Expo

Careers in tech

The Sunderland Digital Careers Expos are highlighting the access routes and job opportunities available in the North East within the technology sector.

Navigating the tech sector and its multitude of job roles has proven to be a challenge for students in Sunderland and the surrounding region. The complexities of understanding the industry, coupled with uncertainties about post-school options in the North East, have left many students struggling with their career pathways.

Despite schools hosting their amazing career events, there remains a critical gap in providing targeted guidance for students keen on exploring opportunities in the tech sector. Recognising this need, Sunderland Digital Careers steps in to tailor events specifically to the technology industry. This initiative not only supports students already intrigued by tech but also aims to captivate those who may be unfamiliar with the sector, unveiling the remarkable possibilities it holds.


Sunderland Digital Careers, an integral part of Sunderland Software City's skills programmes, plays a crucial role in bridging the gap between students and the industry. This is achieved through the specialised Sunderland Digital Careers Expos, particularly designed for the tech sector. These expos extend invitations to local tech businesses, offering them a platform to showcase their operations and show the pathways through which students can secure roles within their organisations.

Gina Nesbitt, Careers Lead at The Link School:

The pupils said that the whole experience was very entertaining and interesting and they would love to more things like this as soon as possible! They are still talking about it this week and were also really enthusiastic with their peers who couldn’t attend with one of the them telling his class it was “Mint!”

Student from St Aidan’s Catholic Academy:

"You can get into the sector easier than I thought and there are many jobs inside the sector to suit you, like science and gaming producing to name a few. I would now look at a career in the tech sector because I feel like there are so many paths and routes to go down that suit what you like. The event was engineered well and I got a taste of what life in it is like and the job roles."

Looking to find out more?

If you are interested in what the Sunderland Digital Careers programme offers or would like to be involved, please visit our webpage Sunderland Digital Careers - Sunderland Software City

This program is funded by Sunderland City Council.

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