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September 9, 2022
Jessica Sawyers

Good News: Businesses Inspiring Students across the North East

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We pride ourselves on raising industry awareness and encouraging pupils to consider a broader and more ambitious range of future education and career options.

We pride ourselves on raising industry awareness and encouraging pupils to consider a broader and more ambitious range of future education and career options. But, it is the businesses that we work with that have the biggest impact on students.

Our Skills Programmes

Inspire North of Tyne and Sunderland Digital Careers are school programmes delivered by the skills team that has begun to challenge pre-conceived ideas about Digital and STEM and help students to explore different options in this sector.

The programmes provide a range of employer engagement opportunities for young people including: workplace site visits, industry workshops, career expos, guest talks, competitions, and more! We know that with just a small amount of industry engagement, students feel more confident, informed, and inspired about their future.

Over the last academic year, Inspire North of Tyne and Sunderland Digital Careers have been supported by several businesses that have inspired students in the North of Tyne and Sunderland areas. The interactions have been invaluable to students across the North East and have even inspired some to take their next steps toward having a career in STEM and digital.


Coatsink engaged students by hosting an online session to explain what their business, the industry and possible career options. In this session, we were joined by computer science students and the feedback we received reflected how most of the students didn't realise how broad the scope for job in the gaming industry actually is. After the sessions, several students reported back that they would consider pursuing a gaming career thanks to the sessions run by Coatsink – they may have some superstar employees in the making!


During the last academic year, we have also been supported by Unipres, who provided an on-site visit to students across Sunderland. They presented to students about their apprenticeship programmes in various roles and finished off the visit with a tour of their factory floor. The students also had the chance to control one of their robots, which really engaged the students and got them thinking about the different routes into careers, the wide range of careers that are on offer and the various options available to them after leaving school.

Enigma Interactive

Enigma Interactive have joined us at both our North of Tyne Career Expo in March, and our Sunderland Digital Careers Event in May. They have been fantastic in helping us to open student's eyes to the range of jobs in digital and supporting businesses who want to improve their digital presence. Students said they had no idea about this side of the digital industry, especially in the North East and that it is something that they would now go on to consider.

Northern Gas Network

Northern Gas Network has opened up its "Hydrogen Home" to students across the North East to showcase what future homes will look like and how they can be more energy efficient. The houses are fitted with hydrogen gas appliances including cookers, hobs, fires, boilers and a hydrogen meter. Students were given a tour of the Hydrogen Home and learnt about what goes into creating an environmentally friendly home. When the Northern Gas Network representatives joined us for an Expo in March, they chatted to students about all of the different career options they have within their company and piqued the interest of several students who now want to make a difference in the future of energy.

Armatus Oceanic

Armatus Oceanic, in particular Dr Thomas Linley, has been fantastic with supported school programmes through attending our career events,  joining classes and giving presentations at STEM clubs all about the work they do with the deep sea. Students have shown great interest in marine biology, and the equipment that is used to capture images of fish in the deepest parts of the ocean. Thanks to Armatus Oceanic, some students are considering a career that marries engineering and discovering what is out there in the world.


Last March, students visited the Komatsu factory. They were given a short presentation about possible apprenticeship options, where careers at Komatsu might lead to, and the benefits of working in the manufacturing industry. Afterwards, students were given a full tour of the factory floor, to learn about each stage of the production line, from the order coming in, to the excavators being test driven. Students were given an insight into the number of sheer staff that work behind the scenes to create just one product – something which the students hadn’t realised. This just shows how important it is the get the students in front of people from the industry.

Thank You

Our school programs work hard to inform school students from Sunderland and North of Tyne about what is happening in our region and what sort of local opportunities may come their way when they leave secondary education.

Without the help of businesses, we can’t give the students the invaluable interaction with direct industry representatives and information from a business perspective. After site visits and workshops this last year, many students have highlighted how the experiences have given them a more informed decision for their next steps – and some have even said they will now choose to pursue a career in the digital and STEM industries. So, we will end on a huge 'thank you' to  all of the businesses above for their continued support over the last academic year. Without them, Inspire North of Tyne and Sunderland Digital Careers would not have as much of an impact.

If you would like to be part of the Inspire North of Tyne and Sunderland Digital Career events or would like further information about the programmes, please email