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October 30, 2023
Natasha Bowers

The Alnwick Garden Trail: Where Augmented Reality Meets Spooky Fun

Organisation growth

The Alnwick Gardens have launched their second immersive trail in collaboration with MAADigital and Sunderland Software City.

A new immersive experience has come to The Alnwick Garden this Autumn with the aim to demonstrate the incredible potential of digital technology and keep the garden entertaining for younger audiences.

The Halloween-themed augmented reality trail is the second of its kind at The Alnwick Garden and comes after the success of the first trail that was created as part of TechNExt festival in June earlier this year. Thanks to the ongoing collaboration between MAADigital, Sunderland Software City and The Alnwick Garden augmented reality experiences are likely to become a periodic feature of the grounds.

The North East is home to a whole host of fantastic innovative organisations and collaboration really is proving to be the cornerstone of progress. By uniting our strengths, we can accomplish a lot more and push the boundaries of day-to-day technology. It isn’t just about shared goals   but also sharing the knowledge and inspiring each other to innovate and grow. This continues to build our great tech sector into something that we can really be proud of.

About The Immersive Trail

Built using augmented reality, visitors are invited to join Reg the Hedgehog on his Poisonous Potion Trail to find nine ingredients hidden around the gardens to create his spooky special potion. This is a perfect opportunity for families to explore and learn more about augmented reality in a fun and interactive way. The trail is running over the Halloween half term period until the 5th of November and is great for kids and adults alike. Download the LetsARgo app on your smartphone or tablet and head to Alnwick Gardens to get started.

Check out Alnwick Gardens and Reg’s Poisonous Potion Trail here.

What does the public think?

Students from St Paul’s Catholic Primary School in Alnwick visited The Alnwick Gardens on Wednesday to learn about augmented reality, explore nature and try out the trail.

“Our trip to Alnwick Gardens for the augmented reality Halloween trail was a fantastic experience, the children loved blending technology with the beauty of being outdoors and exploring the garden. The kids had a great time discovering the garden's hidden surprises and finding the clues on the trail, with one of the class saying, 'It's like a real-life spooky treasure hunt!'"
“Even with the rainy weather, our excitement wasn't dampened, and the visit to Lilidorei afterwards, was an extra special part of our day that left everyone smiling and will no doubt leave a lasting memory with the class.”

Rory Cook, Deputy Headteacher at St. Paul’s Catholic Primary School in Alnwick

About Augmented Reality

Augmented reality, often referred to as AR, is a technology that combines the real world with computer-generated elements, to bridge the gap between physical and digital. Users can experience AR by using headsets or even just by using your smartphone to see digital images, information, and even interactive characters superimposed onto your physical surroundings, a popular example of this being Pokémon Go.

AR doesn’t just exist in the gaming sphere. it has a wide range of applications, from enhancing educational experiences and providing real-time navigation assistance to revolutionising the way we play games and shop online. Augmented reality is not just a glimpse into the future; it's already transforming the way we interact with the world, making it an exciting and rapidly evolving field of technology. Because of this, it is more important than ever to educate students about the growing digital and tech sectors that we have here in the North East.


Reg’s Poisonous Potion Immersive Trail at Alnwick Gardens is running until the 5th of November and is free for visitors of the garden to enjoy.

If you would like to learn more about the immersive trail the practical applications of augmented reality, virtual reality or mixed reality, please get in touch with our Innovation Team at: