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Find your ideal tech role, whilst being paid

Find your ideal tech role, whilst being paid

Sunderland Software City is recruiting software engineers and web developers on six-month contracts to help them find permanent roles in the North East tech sector.

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Helping you to bridge the experience gap

Finding permanent roles in tech can be challenging when you lack the experience hiring teams are looking for. Sunderland Software City is bridging the experience gap by offering six-month paid contracts, whilst providing a programme of activities to help you prepare for, find and apply for longer term positions within tech.

How does it work?

Access a programme of activity designed to help you succeed:

A full-time paid role with Sunderland Software City:

You will be working on internal and external projects to add to your portfolio of work and build on your experience.

External placements:

With our extensive network of connections, we will help you find placements appropriate to your skills and preferred career path. These placements are an opportunity to impress employers (with the potential to lead to a permanent role) and also add value to the experience you show on your CV.

Skills development:

Feedback from previous job interviews you've attended may have indicated gaps in your skill set. A paid role with Sunderland Software City is an opportunity to polish up on the areas you need to - furthering your advantage in the job market.

Job seeking support:

Our team of experts and extensive network of contacts will help you get recruitment-ready. We will help to source and apply for opportunities.

Who should apply?

If you feel you'd benefit from the above, we’d love to hear from you. Perhaps you have applied for roles, had interviews where you've just missed the mark, and need a little refinement, encouragement and structure to be successful at interviews and find the ideal role - then this programme is for you.

Why apply?

We have vast experience of helping people into North East tech sector and have helped hundreds of people find and access tech roles. The Tech Talent Pro team have extensive recruitment knowledge, as well as unrivalled access to North East employers.

How to apply

Application Process: read the job description here and if you think this role is for you, please apply with a covering letter explaining why you would be suitable for this role, including any examples of training, up-skilling or any technical projects that you have worked on.

Application Deadline: Friday 17th May - 5pm

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I be paid for my time whilst on the programme?

Yes you will receive a monthly salary whilst you’re on the programme.  The salary will be equivalent to £23,000 pro rated for the year.

What if I find a permanent job before my time with SSC comes to end?

That’s great! The programmes primary aim is to help you secure a full time permanent role in tech and we’ll do all we can to help you achieve this. When you secure your full time role we’ll wish you every success in your new role.

As well as helping me to secure a placement, can you also help review my CV and help with interview practice?

Absolutely, our Tech Talent Pro team is here to help with all aspects of recruitment into tech. We'll happily take a look at your CV and share feedback, we'll help create great examples for interviews and will help identify roles we think are a good match for you. Helping you every step of the way.

How long is the programme for?

You will be employed by Sunderland Software City on a six month contract, unless you find full time employment sooner.

Is there a chance of a permanent role at the end?

We’re unable to offer you a permanent role with us at the end of the six months, however in our experience many of the live projects turn into full-time permanent roles for successful candidates.

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