Sunderland Software City: Intelligence Survey

Tender Overview
You are invited to submit a quotation for the development and supply of an intelligence service for Sunderland Software City (SSC) clients. The aim of this service will be to provide rapid, yet robust intelligence on which businesses can
refine strategic decisions. In addition, the provision of this service through SSC will provide the initiative with an anchor service on which to engage and support current and prospective North East software companies

1. Background
The Initiative
Sunderland Software City (SSC) is a publicly funded, privately led initiative which has the remit of encouraging economic development through the provision of support to North East based SMEs. SSC are delivery partners in the Digital Innovation Partnership project which is part financed by the European Structural and Investment Funds (ESIF), managed by the Ministry for Housing, Communities and Local Government (MHCLG) by supporting SMEs to start and grow, the North East can build on its reputation as a home to innovation and provide career opportunities for today’s and tomorrow’s generations. SSC aims to ensure that the software sector in this region has the right facilities, the right business support, the right connections and crucially the world class workforce it needs to compete on a global stage.

The Intelligence Service
The intelligence service within SSC has run from March 2009 and seen over 300 enquiries answered for SSC clients. From this background we have a strong understanding of what works:
• Primary data based reports;
• Secondary data based reports;
• Data which is presented in a coherent and easy to read format;
• Well referenced data;
• Conversations with clients about their requirements prior to the research being undertaken;
• Collecting feedback from clients to improve service delivery;
• Managing client expectations – the reports have limitations and the clients
should be aware of this;
• Examples of expected questions are provided in appendix 1 of this document

2. Key Requirement

A. The Rapid Intelligence Service
Breaking down the required service into elements, those responding to thistender (the ‘provider’) must be able to offer the following:
i. A dynamic repository of information suitable to the sectors in which SSC operates that can be quickly expanded dependent upon client needs.
ii. Suitably qualified personnel to receive client information requests refine queries and understand the sectors in which SSC operates –
i.e. the framing of the queries.
iii. The ability to research and validate suitable information and bring together in a coherent synopsis which answers the clients query. The information will in the main be secondary data, albeit from disparate sources, however some primary information may be required. For primary data the provider must have strong contacts in the sectors in which SSC operates.
iv. The capacity and ability to handle at least 21 enquiries per annum under this contract.
v. The capacity and ability to complete reports within 10 days of receipt.

B. Client Interaction
SSC is a client oriented organisation; only by working closely with our end users can we provide a service of value. The provider of the intelligence service must echo this client first ethos and maintain the SSC brand and service reputation.
C. Reporting
Based on activity from the intelligence service the provider must report activity on a monthly basis to the SSC Management. These reports should include:
• Numbers using the service.
• Digital copies of all queries and provided responses (this must also be
available on a ‘live’ basis if requested by the SSC).
• The provision of a paragraph synopsis of each report undertaken, this will provide a quick reference point for SSC staff.
• Formalised evidence of support provided and received, if necessary this will be ensuring clients sign-off received work and complete a State Aid receipt form

D. Other Requirements

The provider must deliver this activity under the name of SSC or another agreed service name.

3. Next Steps
We are now inviting organisations and consultants to submit a proposal for this work.

Your proposal should include in no more than 10 sides of A4 (+ CVs in appendix):
• A brief description of your organisation/area of work.
• A description of how you will approach the requirements for this work; specifically your response should comment on section 3. This should include names of licences to journals and research portals you own/will purchase for the delivery of this work.
• A short description of the expertise that would be applied to this work (including CVs in appendix).
• Examples of any previous work which is relevant (maximum 2 examples)
• A quote for this work including VAT and expenses.
Work carried out during tender response development is at the discretion of the individual organisation and no reimbursement is available for said work. Quotations shall remain valid for a period of 90 days. Sunderland Software City does not bind itself to accept the lowest or any quotation, and reserves the right to accept a portion of any quotation unless the supplier expressly stipulates otherwise in their quotation.
4. Selection & Indicative Milestone Process

Deadline for Receipt of Proposals:  5pm 4th January 2019
Review proposals and seek any required clarifications : w/c 7th January 2019
Presentation by Shortlisted organisations (if necessary): w/c 14th January 2019
Contract awarded: w/c 14th January 2019

The following scoring criteria will be used to evaluate bids:
Understanding of project requirements 30%
Proposed methodology and design of service 20%
Relevant experience of staff to be involved in the project 30%
Value for money 20%

The value of this contract will be in the region of £36,000 (plus VAT) for 27 months provision. Due to the innovative nature of this service, the contract delivery will have SSC discretionary break clauses at 6 months of activity. These will be invoked if SSC deem the service to be of poor quality and/or not meeting the tender requirements.

Electronic version of the proposal must be emailed to Billy Webber at no later than 5pm on 4th January 2019
Any queries on the tender should be directed to Billy Webber at