Tender: Web-Building Platform for See Her Thrive

See Her Thrive is seeking recommendations for an off-the-shelf course/web-building platform. Deadline for submissions is Friday 3rd February 2023

Project Summary

You are invited to submit a proposal and quotation for the design, development, and supply of the primary website for our client, See Her Thrive.

See Her Thrive is considering all submissions and is seeking recommendation for the most suitable off-the-shelf course/web-building platform for the website to be built on, though favourable consideration will be given to proposals that have an easy-to-use content management system.

The successful agency or independent developer will work with See Her Thrive to achieve the outcomes described in this document.

The evaluation process timeline and key areas of the assessment criteria are outlined in this document.

Organisation Background

See Her Thrive is a business consultancy founded by Clare Knox that helps employers to understand and support women’s health issues in the workplace. Areas included but not limited to cover menstrual health, periods, menopause and more. This is delivered predominantly through a combination of talks, training, workshops and education both to managers and employees alike. See Her Thrive also supports higher management with writing policies and the creation of company toolkits that they can share on their HUB/work intranet.

See Her Thrive’s clients span across all industries and sectors, with some big names including B&Q, Standard Bank, EMCOR, Spectrix and various big Law Firms.

Project Background

See Her Thrive is procuring support for the design and build of a new fully responsive website. The new site is needed to reflect See Her Thrive’s personality, mission, services, and better represent the impact that See Her Thrive has had on the many organisations it has worked with.

See Her Thrive can work with any sized business, though typically their target customers are medium to large enterprises, so they would like this to be representative in the website’s design.

In future, they would also like to extend their offering to a paid e-learning membership service, paid either by individuals or by employers on behalf of their staff. They want to either be able to provide clients with licences to host their learning content / courses on their own LMS or to enable them to access the learning content via the See Her Thrive website. We want to ensure that the website has scope for this later down the line so they can execute their growth plan, and so extensibility for eLearning content, even if not as this stage, is crucial. The plans of a membership would enable users to become part of a private women’s network where they unlock exclusive content and downloads and can access a monthly webinar and various networking events.

Their various services and stakeholders should be better represented on the new website with user journeys established to allow users to find the information that is based on their needs.


Objectives for the design and development of the See Her Thrive website are as follows:

  1. To clearly communicate the key messages, value, and narrative of See Her Thrive.
  2. To clearly organise and communicate the services to a wide range of existing and potential stakeholders.
  3. To improve contact channels for website visitors to learn about which See Her Thrive services are relevant to them, and to express interest.
  4. To position See Her Thrive as a credible and impactful service, and appeal to potential and existing stakeholders.
  5. Implement an e-learning membership service and to promote the value, strengths, and benefits to joining this women’s network.


Must Haves

  • Integrated Call Scheduling Form or Widget i.e. Calendly
  • Event Booking System
  • Mailchimp Integration for lead generation

Should Haves

  • Search Box Functionality
  • Video Library in Resources Section, either hosted or from Youtube
  • eLearning Functionality (or at least extendable scope for future development)

Nice to Haves

  • Chat functionality
  • Members-only content
  • Companies/organisations can host the eLearning content on their own LMS


See Her Thrive will supply successful applicants with the following information:

  • Brand pack / collateral for visual identity
  • Customer case studies and testimonials
  • Copy for pages
  • User Personas
  • User Stories
  • Preliminary site map
  • Low-fidelity initial homepage wireframe
  • Domain information

Tender Process

Supplier Selection Criteria and Scoring

The following scoring criteria will be used to assess and evaluate bids:

Scoring criteriaScore weighting (%)

- Display understanding of project requirements
- Demonstrate processes for successful project delivery
- Acknowledgement of, and ability to work to, project timescales described below
Related Experience:

- Previous experience of producing e-learning and/or membership platforms
- Previous
experience of work in the consultancy sector

- Demonstrate value for money within the proposal


Tender Process Timescales

Publication of Request for Quotation (RFQ)18/01/23
RFQ clarification questions open*20/01/23
RFQ clarification questions closed25/01/23
Deadline for tender submission03/02/23
Complete review of submissions10/02/23
Shortlist of applicants created17/02/23
Applicants contacted regarding awards and rejections20/02/23
Project commencementNo later than 27/02/23
Project completionProject completion 31/03/23

*Questions and answers submitted relating to the project may be anonymised and republished to other applicants.

Project budget

We are inviting submissions for a total cost of no more than £6,500.

How to apply

Please forward any questions for clarification requirements between the 20th January 2023 and 25th January 2023 to ben.mushen@sunderlandsoftwarecity.com.

Please submit a brief response to this document including:

  • Outline of capabilities aligned with the criteria above
  • Examples of recent work aligned with the criteria above
  • Estimate or indication of costs to be included aligned with the criteria above

Please send proposals to Ben Mushen (ben.mushen@sunderlandsoftwarecity.com) No later than 5pm (BST) on Friday 3rd February 2023.