Immersive Experience Pilot – Kielder Water & Forest Park Development Trust

Kielder Water & Forest Park Development Trust (KWFPDT) is looking for an organisation to develop a pilot immersive experience which will form part of Kielder’s Osprey Watch. The immersive experience should evoke an emotional response from visitors as they learn about the habitats and behaviours of the ospreys at Kielder.

The Trust was successful in securing funds from the National Lottery Heritage Fund for a project to build the capacity and resilience of Kielder Water & Forest Park. The budget for this project is part of that funding. The Trust also has internal buy-in for the pilot/prototype product.

You can read the full brief below or alternatively download a PDF version (click here).


Organisation’s Background

Based in Northumberland, Kielder Water & Forest Park is known as the largest working forest in England and, at over 250 square miles, is home to the biggest man-made lake in Northern Europe.

Kielder Water & Forest Park Development Trust (KWFPDT) is the charity coordinates the work of the partners who manage Kielder Water & Forest Park (KWFP).  KWFPDT uses culture and tourism as a driver to promote sustainable development, provide recreational facilities, improve public knowledge of the natural environment and encourage public engagement with the arts at KWFP.

To achieve these aims, KWFPDT facilitates the coordination of events and activities that encourage learning and celebrate the landscape, natural environment and leisure aspects of KWFP. All these activities are focused on creating a high-quality visitor experience, branding Kielder as a great place to visit while attracting more visitors to the area who are encouraged to stay longer. KWDFDT works with its Trust members and partners to develop attractions and facilities that engage with, inform and inspire people of ages, abilities and backgrounds. It also works with high profile artists, young people and local communities to deliver the Kielder Art & Architecture programme. Recently KWFPDT has developed a focus on helping the public to experience, enjoy and learn about Kielder’s wildlife and natural environment.

The Trust has developed a strategy for KWFP – the Kielder Big Picture vision and priorities This recognises the opportunities that digital technology can provide and one of its objectives is ‘to place digital technology and experiences at the heart of the Kielder offer’.  The Trust wishes to use the results of this pilot/prototyping to (subject to the results of the consumer testing) raise funding to implement a more permanent immersive experience, which meets the objectives below.


The opportunity

Building on its recent focus to help the public experience, enjoy and learn about Kielder’s wildlife and natural environment, KWFPDT are seeking an immersive content company with the expertise to develop a creative pilot experience. The immersive experience will form part of Osprey Watch, based at Kielder Waterside. It should be able to be managed by 1-2 non-technical volunteers who will be in attendance to talk to visitors about the ospreys and help them look through telescopes on site.

The experience needs to meet the following two objectives:

  • Drive greater revenue by offering new high quality paid-for experiences and increased dwell time in the park through additional content at existing experiences;
  • Explore how digital technology can assist in widening access (attracting a larger and more diverse audience to KWFP);

The aim of the experience will be to evoke an emotional response from visitors as they get to experience the behaviours and habits of the Kielder ospreys for themselves.

The initial pilot is focused on building a better understanding of the potential of immersive technology as a way to engage more audiences within KWFP. The initial pilot will therefore test visitor engagement and will build an understanding of how immersive technology can be used on a larger scale to engage a wider audience.

Following completion of the prototype, KWFPDT will work with a market research consultant to undertake focus group research to gauge reactions to the concept from a wide range of potential visitors. There will also be the opportunity to test the prototype with visitors to Osprey Watch this summer. The selected company will be required to attend the focus group sessions and present the pilot content in a way that engages with the participants. Subject to the results of the customer feedback, the company will be required to produce a costed proposal for a full version of the experience which can be used at Osprey Watch/in visitor centres on a regular basis.


Things to Consider 

Wi-Fi connectivity is quite a challenge given the location (especially guest Wi-Fi) – anything that requires public access to Wi-Fi can be limited.

The Budget 

The maximum budget available for the development of the immersive content prototype is £9,500 including expenses (exclusive of VAT).



Open call deadline 13/03/2020
Companies shortlisted 16/03/2020
Closed pitch with client 24/03/2020
Company Selected 30/03/2020
Focus groups July 2020
Pilot complete August 2020






Evaluation Criteria  

Creativity  Creative ideas and narrative that brings the Osprey Watch experience to life  



Skills and experience


Knowledge and experience of developing immersive content experiences, preferably for the leisure/tourism market




Timescales Ability to meet timescales 25%


How much of the brief will be met in the budget


















To apply for this open call, submit the online form before 23.59pm on the 13th of March 2020 via:



If you have any further questions about this open call, please contact Jenny Lang, Programme Engagement Manager, at or via 07889064205.