Automation of Data Processing and Reporting

Overview of Opportunity:

We invite proposals in respect of developing a tool/app/dashboard that automates the processing/engineering of data from multiple sources and can subsequently generate a user friendly report. The sources of data are varied in nature (wearable health technologies, online based questionnaires, third party app’s), which are currently received in CSV or Excel based files before undergoing manual data processing and the generation of a report to the client.

To register interest and receive a copy of the functional specification, please email The functional specification will be provided to prospective suppliers following the completion of a non-disclosure agreement with ART Health Solutions Ltd.

Full proposals must be submitted to Phill Bell via email and received by 5pm on Friday 14th June 2019. Proposals should include the following:

Organisation overview
Experience in delivering software solutions for data processing/engineering
Outline of the proposed solution (including data processing, application/dashboard/tool development, report generation)
Price and development schedule (broken down by project phase)

The supplier will be selected based on; Quality of proposal, demonstrated ability to solve problem, cost and delivery schedule.