Call for Proposals: Association of Education Advisers Website

The Association of Education Advisers (AoEA) is currently accepting proposals to redevelop its website.

As the organisation enters a new phase in its development there is a requirement to 1) reassess what the target audience needs from the website and 2) to modernise and simplify the website to focus on driving enquiries and consolidating the AoEA’s place in the market.

To view the full website brief, please access the PDF here.

You can also view a User Experience document PDF here.


AoEA’s current website was developed a number of years ago and is now feeling dated and doesn’t serve the current needs of the organisation. Recent evolution of the business model and greater understanding of the target audiences has identified that a redevelopment would be the best next step.

Certain website elements are either ineffective or complicated, and the website doesn’t consider how new products and services affect the customer journey. Primarily the new website needs to act as an effective marketing tool that will get across key messages while making it easy for AoEA to pick up leads and develop relationships.

The goals for the website are:

  • To upgrade but simplify the messages on the website while bringing all products, services and delivery processes under one site.
  • To generate more leads and sales from senior educational leaders and institutions in the UK and internationally through key interactions such as booking to attend free and paid training and events
  • To refresh the brand and help connect the company’s message resonate with its users
  • To establish the AoEA’s accreditation as the quality standard for education advisers globally



Skills and experience
Demonstrable skill in developing responsive website design, composition, UX, and technical expertise

Ability to demonstrate examples of using creativity in getting across the key messages of organisations leading to success

Scope and budget
Cost breakdown that provides assurances that the brief can be met to a high standard within the maximum budget.

Ability to provide a plan that will deliver high quality, creative design within the proposed timescales.


Next steps & how to apply

The project would be expected to start in December 2021 with the aim of launching by the end of February 2022. Taking account of the Christmas holidays it will be crucial in the scheduling of development to understand what is needed from AoEA for a successful delivery.

There are several phases in the tender process. We appreciate the work and time that goes into tendering. At the same time, this is a critical development for the Association of Education Advisers so we need to make sure we find the right supplier.

The process is as follows:

9th November 2021 Launch of tender
19th November 2021 Opportunity to submit questions until
22nd November 2021Question responses published
26th November 2021Tender submission deadline
1st December 2021Asssesment, shortlisting and notification
w/b 6th December 2021 (estimated)Meetings with shortlisted companies
13th December 2021 (estimated)Decisions made and contracting


If you have any questions regarding the tender, please submit them using the following form before the 19th November:

Proposal submissions must be made using the online form available here: