Durham Community Action: Cloud Migration Tender

Durham Community Action are seeking bids to support an upgrade to technology through cloud migration. Deadline for applications is the 2nd December 2022.

Organisation Background

Durham Community Action (DCA) is a well-established charity that has provided support to communities across County Durham since 1935.

  • We provide impartial support and advice to help voluntary sector organisations and community groups think through ideas and develop them into projects
  • We work with individuals and groups to promote action to improve health and wellbeing services and facilities and to work more effectively
  • We support volunteering across a wide spectrum of interests through training, volunteer recruitment and support with policies and procedures
  • We support voluntary sector organisations and community groups to find a voice and make sure that it is heard through our representation at local, regional and national forums.

We operate a hybrid model of work with our 16 staff combining office and community-based work with working from home.

Current IT support is purchased as needed from a local supplier. There is no existing IT contract for ongoing support.

Project Goals

Durham Community Action is seeking bids to support an upgrade to technology through cloud migration.

DCA plans to develop an integrated, reliable data storage system that enables staff to access all our data, anywhere, whilst being fully secure.

Staff will be confident users of the new system, with a clear, shared understanding of how storage elements link to one another and how to use the new system effectively and consistently.


Functional Requirements

Below are the priority requirements for the project:

1design cloud based organisational system map – Share Point, One Drive, MS Teams, etc, profiles, permissions, shared docs/folders, storage
2migrate data and set up new system
3source upgraded laptops and additional screens
4set up user profiles and hardware
5automate functions such as updates and password changes
6All staff to receive training to use the new system effectively
7A lead member of staff to receive any additional training as necessary

We are also seeking quotations for ongoing support including:

1secure back-up systems
2ongoing maintenance
3error troubleshooting and support
4potential staff development

Current Inventory/Constraints

Our current system is a hybrid: a server system with some cloud functionality through Microsoft 365 for our emails, and access to the server remotely through a VPN.

Current equipment and hardware• 25 licences for Microsoft 365
• 24 laptops
• 4 iPads
Storage• Server usage:
◦ System - 108 GB
◦ Data - 0.24 TB
Types of files• Digital files
• Documents
• Images
• Videos
• Audio files
Sensitive data• Password protected confidential folder on server with business sensitive information
• Password protected CRM with personal details of customers (access limited)


Bids should identify:

  • initial outlay costs
  • ongoing subscriptions and other similar costs
  • ongoing support

How to apply

Bidders can be located anywhere in the UK.

Please prepare your proposal in a format of your choosing and send it to helen.brown@durhamcommunityaction.org.uk.

Bids should be submitted by 2nd December 2022.

If you have any immediate questions regarding applications, please contact Helen Brown on the aforementioned email or by phone at 07496 461961.