Edtech MVP Software

Endoxa Learning Ltd are seeking an innovative software development agency to develop a minimum viable product (MVP) software for the collaborative learning and teaching of argumentation.

This opportunity is open to all suppliers that can demonstrate the required skills and have a proven track record of delivering complex web apps.

Endoxa Learning Ltd will be looking for a prospective supplier who can work closely with their management team based in Newcastle upon Tyne.


To register interest: please email julian.a.plumley@gmail.com


The Functional Specification will be released to prospective suppliers who have signed a non-disclosure agreement with Endoxa Learning Ltd.

Full proposals are to be submitted via email to Julian Plumley no later than 18th of January 2019 that include the following:

* Overview of the Agency submitting the proposal

* Experience in specification interpretation and delivery for web apps

* Outline of proposed solution and architecture for the MVP

* Price and development schedule, broken down by project phase


Endoxa Learning Ltd will select the supplier based on: proven capability; quality of proposal; cost and schedule.


Endoxa Learning Ltd is a new edtech start up, based in Newcastle. Our business vision is to provide a common framework for the collaborative learning and teaching of argumentation, to be used in school, university and commercial training situations.