Mymo: Software House Tender

Wearable sportstech startup Mymo is looking for an experienced software development house that can support the development of an overarching management and administration module.

You can read more about the tender below or via PDF. The deadline for quotations is 12pm on Friday 14th May 2021. Interested parties should email

Invitation to Tender (external): Customer Management and System Administration Module

Project Requirement

The organisation (Mymo Group Limited) has developed a proprietary Bluetooth sensory technology device together with an associated mobile application (iOS & Android) for the running market sector. More information is available at

We’d like to engage a suitably qualified and experienced software development house that can provide the organisation with additional software development and support services for the development of an overarching management and administration module. The module would provide for a centralised view of the system in its entirety, the key functions of the module have been identified as follows:

  • User and System Security Management
  • User Level Security
  • Administration Level Access / Security (CRUD Create Update Delete)
  • Administration Functionality
  • Administration Content Creation (CRUD Create Update Delete)
  • Big Data Analytics Module


How to Respond

Interested parties should email

Please ensure that your email subject header clearly states ‘Customer Management and System Administration Module’ along with your relevant contact details.

A full high-level functional specification document will be provided to the nominated contact within two working days.

The deadline for the receipt of tenders is no later than 12:00 noon on Friday 14th May 2021.


Please include the following in your response:

  • An overview of the company/individual submitting the RFQ response including the year the company was established.
  • A brief description of your core business activities and typical customer profile.
  • An overview of your proposed development methodology, including quality, risk and process management methodologies.
  • Provide details on any industry, professional or quality management accreditations held by the organisation.
  • If you expect / intend to outsource any of the project work to an external third party / person / contractor, then you must provide details on all third-party contractors / workers and their relationship with your organisation.
  • Price structure for of each stage outlined in the functional specification.
  • Financial accounts for the last two years.


How we will select a provider

We will use the following criteria to select a provider for this work:

Demonstrable expertise of software development30%
Quality of proposal against RFQ specification30%
Pricing schedule20%
Ability of company/individual20%


Due Diligence you will be required to:

  • Sign an NDA (if one hasn’t already been signed when requesting further information).
  • Sign a contract that ensures all IP will be signed over to the company.