Procuring Innovation ; Compliance Software


shineVision Ltd are seeking an established innovative software development agency to support their creation and management of their flagship compliance software as it expands further into additional areas of statuary risk compliance.

This opportunity is open to all suppliers that can demonstrate the required skills and has a proven track record of delivering complex web and mobile management systems.

shineVision Ltd will be looking for a prospective supplier who can commit to working closely with their management team from our North East Office.


How to register interest:

Please email demonstrating experience in the following:

> Developing of highly modular application code which can be shaped to different client needs

> Application longevity – examples of applications which have served the test of time

> Proven experience in specification interpretation and delivery

> Secure, custom API creation (ideally RESTful) with version control and backward compatibility

> Experience of working with Linux based solutions

> Experience of working with the construction and/or property compliance/maintenance industry


The Technical Specification will only be released to prospective suppliers who have:

* Signed a non-disclosure agreement and a contract that ensures that all intellectual property rights will be the property of shineVision Ltd


How to respond with full proposal:

Full proposals are to be submitted via email to Lee Taylor on no later than 16th of January 2019 that includes, but is not limited to the following:

* Overview of the Agency submitting the proposal

* Corporate Structure including Roles & Responsibilities

* Details of Relevant Work and Service Level Agreements

* Price Structure & Technical Capacity


How we will select a Provider:

We will use the following criteria to select preferred supplier:

Criteria Weighting:

Ability of Agency 40%

Quality of Response 40%

Value for Money 20%

* Undertake a PQQ Process in line with our Funders