Tender: Chopwell Regeneration Group – Bookings System

Chopwell Regeneration Group is seeking a developer to implement an online bookings system to manage client scheduling.

This opportunity is part of Gateshead Council’s Digital Transformation Fund. The deadline for submissions is close of business 27 May 2022.

Organisation Background

The Chopwell Regeneration Group is close to the culmination of a £250,000 project with the opening of ‘The Bank’ – a community hub in the heart of Chopwell which will serve as a meeting space for constructive and life-affirming support. Acquired through asset transfer from Gateshead Council, The Bank is one part of a greater initiative for regenerating community support in Chopwell. Many small projects have culminated into this one, central location to act as wide a reaching resource as possible.

Project Background

The aim for this project is to integrate the website with an online bookings system to manage client scheduling. A system that could employ client self-scheduling such as Acuity or Calendly would remove a lot of administration as it places the onus on the service user to find an available and appropriate time rather than a back and forth dialogue of arranging times.

Staff at the group highlighted a dynamic booking system as a desirable resource, not only for hot-desking space but also weekly events. Hesitation still exists amongst residents in Chopwell for attending high-attendance activities. Something which could, at a glance, display the estimated number of attendees at The Bank would be a beneficial feature for service users such as the elderly, neurodivergent, or anyone who wants to feel comfortable and accommodated when they visit The Bank (see Climb Newcastle as inspiration).

Key Requirements

Functional Requirements:


ID Feature Priority
1 Customer-facing bookings calendar High
2 Dynamic back-end management of their bookings schedule with live updates of available hours Medium
3 Integration within the team’s diary/ calendar Low


Evaluation Criteria

The proposal will be evaluated through the following criteria:

  • Ability to meet Key Requirements; (25%) – submissions will be scored against their ability to meet the requirements that have been set out in the specification
    • We expect a document no longer than three pages in length or a brief presentation as part of your submission
  • Value for Money (including ongoing maintenance costs); (25%) – submissions should include a cost for the development of the web development and any potential admin fees
    • This will be assessed against the quoted costs of other submissions
  • Evidence of similar project experience from clients in the third sector; (25%) – submissions will be scored against their functionality, showcasing considerations towards the service-users (in most cases volunteers) and the product’s overall usability
  • Timescales (Ability to stick to timescales as set out below); (25%)


Deadline for full proposals 27 May 2022
Pitch Day (if necessary) 3 June 2022
Decisions and contracting 6 June 2022
Web development begins 7 June 2022



There is a budget of up to £1,200 for this project to cover the integration of the booking solution within Chopwell Regeneration’s existing CMS. Companies who are shortlisted to pitch must give a breakdown of project costs, as this will form part of the evaluation criteria.

How to apply

Please prepare your proposal as a (maximum three-page) document or short presentation and send it to Nathan – nathan.rowland@sunderlandsoftwarecity.com – by 27 May. Afterwards, we will be in touch to arrange a suitable date for you to pitch your proposal, if necessary. This will give you an opportunity to talk about your proposed integration as well as provide time for any questions you may have. If you have any immediate questions regarding applications, feel free to email Nathan at the same address above.