Tender: Various Organisations – IT Training

Sunderland Software City is seeking providers for basic yet comprehensive IT training packages for five fully-funded VCSE organisations based in Gateshead.

This is part of Gateshead Council’s Digital Transformation Fund. The deadline for submissions is close of business 27 May 2022.

Project Background

This training will be specifically geared towards organisations whose staff and volunteers possess varying degrees of pre-existing IT skills, in order to develop their understanding of existing digital solutions in their workspace or to develop their skills in new areas of digital knowledge.

Areas that the training will cover include:

  • Organisation A, with a £500 budget, is looking to adopt best practices of their in-house email system (Stackmail) and means of updating/monitoring the content and security of their website (currently in development).
  • Organisation B, with a £2,000 budget, is looking to impart knowledge to their volunteers/trustees of basic IT skills with documentation writing, basics of video conferencing, and the functionality of Office 365. If time/budget permitted, the volunteers would also benefit learning how to manage and update content on their WordPress website/ social media channels.
  • Organisation C, with a budget of £1,000, is looking to impart knowledge to their volunteers/trustees of basic IT skills with documentation writing, basics of cyber security online, and the functionality of Office 365. They would prefer that this knowledge is imparted to a larger class environment to multiple volunteers rather than one-to-one support.
  • Organisation D, with a budget of £1,000, is looking to impart knowledge to their volunteers/trustees of basic IT skills including updating their Wix website, the functionality of Office 365 and managing their social media accounts.
  • Organisation E, with a budget of £1,000, is looking to support their role as a sole operator and representing their brand online. This would involve familiarity with Office 365/Google Suite, basics of video conferencing, and using digital media production suites.

In your application, please indicate which of these areas above you are able to provide training for.

Entry-level training such as this is seeking to provide volunteers and staff alike with the foundational platform for digital adoption. These prinstills will instil confidence in their students to go forward and tackle larger challenges with their existing technology and see the potential that digital technology has to address their organisational objectives. When these objectives are addressed, they can spend more time providing their quality services rather than dealing with the superfluous administrative time when still learning their IT systems.

Providers should be able to accommodate and adapt to a variety of pre-existing knowledge with these topics as well as be able to manage classes in various settings, either in highly-focused one-on-one training with a specific team member/ single operator or general class-based support geared towards volunteers in a larger team-based format.

Evaluation Criteria

The proposal will be evaluated through the following criteria:

  • Ability to meet Key Requirements; (25%) – submissions will be scored against their ability to meet the requirements that have been set out in the specification
    • We expect a document no longer than three pages in length or a brief presentation as part of your submission.
  • Value for Money; (25%) – submissions should include a cost for their training packages as well as any included management fees
    • This will be assessed against the quoted costs of other submissions.
  • Evidence of similar project experience from clients in the third sector; (25%) – submissions will be scored against their functionality, showcasing considerations towards the service-users (in most cases volunteers) and the product’s overall usability
  • Timescales (Ability to stick to timescales as set out below); (25%)


Deadline for full proposals 27 May 2022
Decisions and contracting 3 June 2022
Web development begins 6 June 2022



There is a total budget of £5,500 for this project, spread across the five individual organisations, including delivery of the training and any management fees. Companies who are shortlisted to pitch must give a breakdown of project costs, as this will form part of the evaluation criteria.

How to apply

Please prepare your proposal as a (maximum three-page) document or short presentation and send it to Nathan – nathan.rowland@sunderlandsoftwarecity.com – by 27 May. Afterwards, we will be in touch to arrange a suitable date for you to pitch your proposal, if necessary. This will give you an opportunity to talk about your proposed integration as well as provide time for any questions you may have. If you have any immediate questions regarding applications, feel free to email Nathan at the same address above.