Case study
January 11, 2024
Megan Jaram


Startup support

Appre is a money-saving platform that gives people the tools to shop with renowned banks, earn cashback as a reward and direct these savings towards goals you set.

With over 100 million people in the UK with less than £100 in their savings, co-founders Connor Tipping and Lewis Herdman recognised a worldwide issue the nation is facing – saving money.

After finding themselves frequently dipping into their savings, it inspired an idea. What if you could get rewarded for your shopping-filled lifestyle?  

“The original inspiration behind Appre was to create a vehicle that allowed everyone to save money as a result of their shopping-filled lifestyle.  
“So, we created Appre, the platform that rewards you with cashback to build savings towards personalised savings goals, as a result of buying things online.”

Fortunately, Luke previously worked with brands on affiliate strategy for global use so they felt confident that their idea would meet consumer needs.  

Tech Start Up Sunderland Support

Working with Tech Start Up Sunderland, they were able to take advantage of pitching events and start-up sprints to further build connections across the North East.  

To date, they have over 500 users on the platform and have big plans for the region.  

“Appre will allow people to shop, earn and save money as a result of their consumption rich lifestyle. Currently, consumer spending is rising, and UK savings are falling. We hope to enable savings through consumer spending.
“If we can even get one person in the UK to hold more than £100 in savings, we will be happy.”

Appre hopes to Launch in the next 6 months and would love to generate 10,000 users within the first 6 months.  

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