Case study
September 26, 2023
Natasha Bowers


Organisation growth

Tech startup, Famli aims to help families feel happier and healthier daily through its online platform and app. This software is the first of its kind; hoping to connect the UK’s health sector, schools, communities and families to support physical and mental wellbeing.

While developing healthy habits may seem simple, Famli recognised that creating such habits isn’t always straightforward. For parents, time can be scarce and healthy routines hard to establish, for children healthy living is often not fun and engaging and for schools, with so many existing responsibilities, the teaching of a wellbeing curriculum sometimes falls to the bottom of the priorities. In the hope of addressing such challenges, Famli was born.  An online platform and app designed make it fun and simple for families to exercise more, eat better and improve their mental health.

The Support

The Famli team were able to access support from Digital Catapult North East Tees Valley (Digital Catapult NETV) through Innovate UK EDGE. The team wanted to better understand their users andto find ways to ensure that users engaged with the Famil app to a point whereit could become part of everyday life.

The support provided by Digital Catapult NETV allowed Famli to ask the right questions and develop a deep understanding of what the wellbeing solution needed to provide its users. This lead to the software taking on a more user-centric approach to encourage more ‘stickiness’ with the app, helping to achieve higher levels of user engagement and retention. The support also allowed the founders to consider new avenues of sales for the business.  

About the support, Ben from Famli said:

“Innovate UK EDGE and Digital Catapult have unlocked growth opportunities for Famli, and enabled our team to better understand our users and customers. With Ashmita’s support at Digital Catapult, we were able to ask the right questions and develop a deep understanding of what our wellbeing solution needs to deliver to its users.
Those findings helped us focus on user-centric design principles, taking Famli to new levels of user engagement and retention, which has allowed us to unlock opportunities with new partners including local authorities and health boards.”