Case study
May 3, 2024
Natasha Bowers


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INFINITY27 wanted to address the virtual productions skills gap in the region and was looking for a space to host a series of specific bootcamps.

INFINITY27 is an open game studio and Unreal Authorised Training Center that serves as the next-generation talent pipeline for the games and immersive industry. The team at INFINITY27 was looking to address the North East’s virtual production skills gap through a series of virtual production bootcamps and needed to find a space with the capabilities to host them.

The Support  

After discovering Advanced Media Production Gateshead, housed in PROTO, INFINITY27 were able to create a workshop and a series of virtual production bootcamps which ran through topics ranging from hardware and software to networks and camera operation within virtual environments.

Supported by the studio team at Advanced Media Production, the bootcamps were able to offer delegates access to the state-of-the-art studio and access to the advanced technologies available. All of the participants were able to learn new skills and develop techniques that can be used within the virtual production and film industries.

This opportunity provided Advanced Media Production Gateshead with valuable insights into professional game development. Not only this, but the team at INFINITY27 were also able to grow their skillset by producing a virtual production shoot using Unreal Engine and having to master lighting, producing and editing within virtual environments.

David Park, Producer at INFINITY27 said:  

“We’re hoping to upskill the region. We want to get those talented individuals who don’t have that first-hand experience in an environment like this (Advanced Media Production Studios) to come with us and learn the ropes and show to other employers either here or further afield, that they’re more than capable and able and willing to do it.”
“Everyone’s been beyond helpful, and we’ve learned a lot and I hope you guys have learned a lot from us as well, bringing games and video production together. I hope we get to continue it.”  

Sophie Craggs, Studio Manager at PROTO, said:  

“We were very happy to have INFINITY27 come into the studio to pilot their workshop for Unreal Engine in Virtual Production. This is a great example of the kind of work we want to continue, to ensure we're supporting the skills growth in the region by providing access and expertise to new technology workflows and allowing regional expertise (INFINITY27) to flourish and add to their toolkit. INFINITY27 are now more than comfortable in a VP studio environment, and the team at Advanced Media Production now have a new regional training resource to direct people towards if they want this kind of expertise.”