Case study
October 25, 2023
Alicia Gerez


Startup support

SportFin is reshaping the way sports organisations raise funds through it's automated social impact analytics infrastructure.

SportFin, a startup part of the North East tech sector, is on a transformative journey to revolutionise fund raising abilities for community sports organisations. Founded by Siddesh Iyer in 2021, the company has experienced impressive growth since its inception.

At emerging phase of Sportfin, Siddesh Iyer recognized the need for critical support to shape the company's vision and product offerings. In the early stages, the company sought assistance to define what their offering should look like to cater to a diverse customer base. Understanding the different users needs and personas was paramount to deliver the most value to all customer profiles.


Digital Pathfinders from Sunderland Software City played a pivotal role in providing one-to-one support to SportFin. They helped the company deep-dive into the intricacies of various user personas, thus providing instrumental support in identifying the precise needs and preferences of SportFin's customers.

Siddesh Iyer, Founder of SportFin: "Ben's support with research on scoring mechanisms and how it is deployed was instrumental in helping us build the foundations for our own community impact score."

Challenges and Opportunities:

SportFin currently faces the challenge of securing funding, a common obstacle for tech startups in the region. The cost of living crisis has extended their funding round timeline, and finding investors willing to take on higher-risk ventures remains a hurdle. Despite these challenges, SportFinis committed to innovating and making a positive impact on the sports analytics landscape.

Reach out to SportFin if you're interested in collaborating, providing support, or want to explore partnership opportunities. Your expertise and contributions can further fuel the company's mission to enhance sports impact analytics.